Drug test

Regardless of which type of test you are going to undergo for drug abuse, you will be tested for minimum five elements and this type of test is known as a 5-panel drug test. In this type of test, you are tested for 5 substances which include the five most commonly used drugs. The 5 drugs include marijuana, cocaine, opioids, phencyclidine, and amphetamines.

Stalling and pushing the drug test forward is the best to way if you are a heavy user. Some of the following methods might help

  • Never try to cloak your samples by drinking bleach. This will do nothing more but instead erode your stomach, throat which might even kill you. Passing a drug test for marijuana naturally is also possible.
  • Neither tries to dilute it because people who do drug tests are aware of all these tactics and have all the substances to get a clear picture of how you have tampered with them.
  • After diluting your urine to make it look yellow take some vitamins, especially vitamin B tablets which will make your urine look yellow therefore your urine sample will be accepted for testing.
  • Flush the fluids out of your body as often as possible. There is a diuretic which is available on prescription is known as furosemide that will help in cleansing since it is believed to be the strongest diuretic.
  • Providing a urine sample that is synthetic urine also helps but some labs have been searching for uric acid in samples to make sure the sample provided is real urine. When you buy a synthetic urine check for the ingredients and make sure it has uric acid. Another important thing to keep in mind is that it has the smell of urine.
  • The synthetic urine must be stored at a specific temperature to get the right result. It should neither be kept in too cold or too hot temperature.
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