Month: January 2019

How Testosterone Levels Affect Muscle Growth & Fat Loss


Research has revealed that when Testosterone level decreases in the human body, men get fatigue frequently.  In spite of visiting the gym regularly, if one cannot find any improvement in muscle growth and fat loss-there is a problem for sure in the production of Testosterone inside the body.  Read on to know how important testosterone is for the body:

  1. When Testosterone level gets reduced, muscle strength decreases, and bones become fragile. Men tend to lose their strength.  That is why Testosterone is called male hormone.  Generally, it is found in excess in men.  This hormone is responsible for the manly features in his body like- body hair growth, well-formed muscles and good quality of sperms.
  2. This hormone is responsible for cholesterol metabolism in the body. Hence when Testosterone is not adequate, the fat levels increase.    The body will not be capable of assimilating the cholesterol.  Hence bad cholesterol gets accumulated.  This might lead to cardiovascular diseases.
  3. This hormone is also responsible for sleep, stable emotions and improved libido.

When your body does not produce enough Testosterone, you can consume steroids which increase the levels of this hormone.  Refer testogen for more details.

Medical technology has enabled these products safer to use.   When you use them as per guidelines you can find the best results.  You can use these even for building up your muscles.  If you are a regular gym visitor, use this for forming of strong muscles which can boast of your health.  Ensure you do weight-lifting exercises in addition to consuming Testosterone for excellent results.

Men generally show more interest in growing muscles.  It boosts up their looks.  The fact is that after the age of 30, the natural production of this hormone starts decreasing.  But these days men start achieving career peaks at this age.  They start their family life at this age.  Hence for ensuring good looks, make sure that Testosterone level is adequate.