Month: March 2018

My Guide To Educational Toys


Lisa, my daughter loves to play in the garden. Our living space is slightly cluttered because space is a constraint here. But what made us choose this particular house over the others on our list was that it had a big clear patch of outdoor space. It was cleared and I always fantasized that it would make a great place for a BBQ party with friends and family. But ever since Lisa has arrived, we hardly have had the time or the opportunity to entertain any guests because as of now t two years itself she is quite a handful!

Is the outdoor safe?

Yes, the outdoor clear patch in our house is fenced properly and high enough that Lisa baby cannot scale as of next two years. Also, because there is not too much outgrowth, I am sure reptiles and other insects do not come out in the open where they can be targeted by predators and humans

And now for the main part:

Lisa loves playing with the wooden blocks that we bought for her on our trip to Europe. A lot of people think wooden toys can be harmful because they can hurt the child but I think that they are safer than the plastic one. The paint on the wooden blocks is entirely organic so even if she puts them in the mouth, it is no big deal and I only have to sterilize them before putting them away. And guess what, they can be dishwasher friendly too.  So, there goes the myth that wooden toys are not durable.

Not two yet counting till ten:

Lisa has learned so much from her educational toys. She can count up to ten, recognize alphabets and associate names with their starting letter and she is not even two! There are a host of cool outdoor toys for kids on the internet. Do check them out before checking in to a store.

Tips For Enhancement Pills Success

Health Tips

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