Drug test

Regardless of which type of test you are going to undergo for drug abuse, you will be tested for minimum five elements and this type of test is known as a 5-panel drug test. In this type of test, you are tested for 5 substances which include the five most commonly used drugs. The 5 drugs include marijuana, cocaine, opioids, phencyclidine, and amphetamines.

Stalling and pushing the drug test forward is the best to way if you are a heavy user. Some of the following methods might help

  • Never try to cloak your samples by drinking bleach. This will do nothing more but instead erode your stomach, throat which might even kill you. Passing a drug test for marijuana naturally is also possible.
  • Neither tries to dilute it because people who do drug tests are aware of all these tactics and have all the substances to get a clear picture of how you have tampered with them.
  • After diluting your urine to make it look yellow take some vitamins, especially vitamin B tablets which will make your urine look yellow therefore your urine sample will be accepted for testing.
  • Flush the fluids out of your body as often as possible. There is a diuretic which is available on prescription is known as furosemide that will help in cleansing since it is believed to be the strongest diuretic.
  • Providing a urine sample that is synthetic urine also helps but some labs have been searching for uric acid in samples to make sure the sample provided is real urine. When you buy a synthetic urine check for the ingredients and make sure it has uric acid. Another important thing to keep in mind is that it has the smell of urine.
  • The synthetic urine must be stored at a specific temperature to get the right result. It should neither be kept in too cold or too hot temperature.

What educational experts say about diet pills?

Diet Tips

The appeal of losing weight quickly is hard to resist, but do the diet loss products lighten up the wallet, and are they safe for consumption are the many questions which come in the mind, which is equally stressful as the weight loss process itself. No one else will lose the weight for you, except the determination and right choice of food and diet supplements. Over the counter diet pills, drugs and hunger suppressants are flooding the market, to choose the right brand is a challenging task.

Setting realistic expectation is a right way to fix this long-term weight loss regime, as there is no magic bullet to lose weight, lifestyle changes are the best way to counter this severe health issue which worries millions of people across the globe. Eating a low carb diet with a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables do all the good work in the body and keeps one physically active. Diet pills, nonprescription drugs are all at best the tools to help in weight loss, however since the amount of research about the products is relatively less, are they clinically meaningful is questionable.

Possible side effects, adverse reactions, are all factors one has to understand before venturing into the diet supplements and pills. Diet pills are beneficial and not magical, they aid in the entire weight loss regime and not work wonders out of the Pandora box. People’s expectation from products is so high they often oversee the important information about the effectiveness and long-term effect on the body.

The standards for regulating all drugs, whether they are nonprescribed or dietary are regulated by the FDA who only after a set of clinical trials and effects on human anatomy set these drugs available for human consumption, the maker of these pills are responsible for the safety and honest claims of the effectiveness of the drugs.

5 Star Wars Toys Canceled Before Released in Store


Many of us here at Buzzparent were kids ourselves when the original Star Wars movies hit the big screen, and we have fond memories of playing with out Luke Skywalker and Han Solo action figures.  We’ve also enjoyed the latest films the Force Awakens and The Last Jedi , and now our children are playing with RC BB8 and toy light sabers.

Image result for classic starwars toy


Almost as iconic as the films themselves are the toys that Star Wars spawned, many of which are now incredibly valuable as collectors items.  But did you know that many Star Wars toys never even made it to store shelves?  Here is a look at 5 Star Wars toys that were cancelled before they reached stores.

Rocket Firing Boba Fett

Image result for rocket firing boba fett

An action figure of the veil bounty hunter Boba Fett, which include a firing Rocket on his back, was due to be released after he appeared in the film The Empire Strikes Back. However, owing to a rash of health and safety scandals in the USA regarding children’s toys, the manufacturer quickly tried to recall as many of the toys as they could, and the rocket was glued into the backpack so it couldn’t fire. So the ‘rocket firing’ version never officially made it out.


Star Wars Droids and Ewoks second line

After the release of the final segment in the original trilogy, The Return of the Jedi, in 1983, there would not be another Star Wars movie for over a decade.  In order to keep the brand going, two series of children’s cartoons, Droids and Ewoks, kept the franchise going. Toy manufacturers hastily started making figures to cash in, but the shows were canceled before these toys could make it to the store shelves.  Prototypes were made, and found themselves into the hands of collectors for very high prices.


Star Wars: The Epic Continues

By 1986, it had been three years since the last movie, and Star Wars toy sales were drying up.  Toy company Kenner pitched a whole new saga of films, (with of course their corresponding prototype toys) to Lucas Film in order to continue the story of Star Wars.

The new stories would have continued with Luke Skywalker and Han Solo (each in new costumes because new action figures) facing of against a new number of galactic threats. However, as Lucasfilm already had their own ideas about how to continue the franchise, these toys never went beyond prototypes.

Star Tots

No one really knows what happened to the Star Tots line, which were designed as Star Wars toys for very young children and pre-teens, but for some reason this toy line was cancelled.




Star Wars Holiday Special Toys

9 cancelled Star Wars toys

The now infamous Star Wars Christmas Special was designed to cash in on the popularity of the first film, and ended up being a complete disaster that fans mocked and George Lucas himself hated.  A line of action figures was commissioned for the feature, but canceled after the Holiday special turned out to be abysmal


3 study tips that will prepare you for your next test


Exams and tests should be one of the focus of high school students. However, with increasing difficulty of getting into college students are under more and more pressure to be the best, get the best grades and excel in all subjects at school. The aim of this article is to help guide you and give you a few tips on how to study effectively.

  1. Know what you need to achieve. Find out the specifics of the test. Know every detail you need to know and only study that. Sometimes teachers make test preparation hints quite vague therefore try asking them specific questions about the test so that you can narrow some topics down. In case of SAT’s you will always know the topic that you need to learn. Go online, research previous SAT’s that are available, look at the requirements and memorize it all if you have to!
  2. Don’t be afraid to get help. Studying works much better if you have someone to discuss the topics with. Also, studies have shown that you learn better when you teach other people. My advice is to get together with other students (2-3 is plenty) and have group study sessions weekly. Another way to do this it to get a tutor. My math tutor really helped me get out of my comfort zone to discuss the math problems and really understand them, I was the best in class after that.
  3. Don’t overdo it. Wake up, get ready and go to study fresh and early in the morning. Do not stay late as it will just drain you so much that you will not want to do this the next day. Make it seem to yourself as studying is easy. Do intensive, hard-working study days and the go home to relax and get ready to do it again the next day!

Educational Games To Improve Your Vocabulary

Game Play

We all know and understand the importance of educational qualification. Doing well academically helps you secure the jobs you would like and pave your way to a better life. In the journey of education, the importance of a good vocabulary is tremendous.

A strong vocabulary helps you in every aspect of life, for example a good vocabulary helps make you confident and help you speak and write in a better fashion. A good vocabulary also helps when it comes to doing well in various entrance exams like SAT, ACT, GMAT or even GRE.

Though most schools will stress on having a strong vocabulary, it becomes better only with constant practice. There may not be many courses that run to improve one’s vocabulary, but thankfully one can improve their vocabulary in many other games. So the next time you have a party planned, or have free time with dear friends, indulge in some fun vocabulary games. Let us check a few out.

Would you Rather

This is a fun game that is perfect for any and every occasion, with the degree of questions that can be varied depending on the crowd. Suppose you have a party to plan at work, there are some great would you rather questions for office parties that are fun yet inoffensive. Like the following:

  • Would you rather eat your favorite meal everyday for the rest of your life? Or never be able to eat it again
  • Would you rather be poor with lots of friends or rich with no friends?
  • Would you rather be an amazing dancer or better at math?

There are also other educational yet fun vocabulary games.

Word builder

Give the crowd one big word and they have to make as many 3 and 4 letter words out of those exact words.

Vocab decoded

You either give the meaning or definition of a word or ask people to guess the word or give away the word and ask people to define it.

These are some fun and educational games that can be used in various gatherings and help strengthen your vocabulary too.

A Check On Your Paychecks

Legal Issue

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This holds good for everything in life. Here we are going to talk about the business set-ups that honor their employees with a monthly or weekly pay for the amount of work put in by them for the whole week or month. Generally, when an employee is hired new into the company, he is detailed about the salary structure, the various divisions in it and the reason and justification for that amount being paid to him as his salary. It is in fact, after getting all the papers signed by him would the company allow him inside the work set-up with the confirmation order in hand.

Different components of the pay

There are a lot of things that combine together to become the amount of salary being promised to the employee. He gets a minimum fixed amount as wages for the work he agrees to deliver the company with. Apart from this, there are something called contributions which are made by both the employer and the employee that is paid to him with the full and final settlement at the time of his leaving the job. This salary also includes insurance, medical benefits etc…

Now an employee becomes eligible for all this only after he becomes a confirmed employee of the company. It is again not just this, but there are also others like bonuses, promotions, profit shares etc., in which, every employee gets a share without discrimination. The company issues a paycheck to all the employees confirming the mode of payment of this salary amount and it is a confirmation that the employee has received the same in his account. These paychecks includes details like the month for which the amount has been paid, the actual amount with the split-ups like taxes, deductions etc. It is an important record to be maintained by all the employees on a monthly basis.